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Our goal is to provide you a high quality medical organization for your desire to have “healthy teeth” in the most beautiful cities of Turkey such as Antalya, Istanbul, and Izmir etc.

Make sure you benefit from our comprehensive services.

A dental trip to Turkey requires a comprehensive organization.

Enjoy our free, non-bonding and private consultancy service.

Our consultancy services are in German, English and Turkish languages, we also provide written translation service in French.

  • Upon request, you can have your pre-diagnosis examination and medical checks in Switzerland.

You can have your cost estimates and x-rays at our co- dental clinic in Zurich, or Basel, Switzerland. The dental clinic will send this information to MedicalTravel upon your confirmation; and thus we can provide you more accurate information on the treatment and expenses in Turkey. It is also possible that you have some certain treatments in Switzerland, as well. For instance, you can get your implant in Istanbul but your dental crown in Switzerland; vice versa. The corporation here means that both clinics are always in touch with each other through MedicalTravel, during the treatment process and that provides a perfect medical safety. You may also visit the dental clinic in Zurich or Basel after your treatment in Istanbul, Antalya or Izmir/Kusadasi. The clinic is open 6 days in a week and it is closed on some certain official holidays. Following the agreement with the clinic in Turkey, you can have your guaranteed medical checks in Zurich or Basel and thus you will not have to fly to Turkey for every correction. Clinics are in contact with one another and they always exchange information in order to have the best results.

You may contact us for a pre-examination appointment in Switzerland.

  • Group travel (upon request)

Would you like to feel the team spirit? Then make sure you have privileged experiences.. You can also have this journey with your own friends. It is possible that you have a companion with you all the time.

  • Flight

We provide you with the recommendation and you make the decision. Make sure you benefit from our special travelling prices for medical trips in various airline companies.

  • Transfer from airport to the hotel

The transfer team will take you to your hotel. These services are private and they are not similar to public service transportation buses on which you have to travel around Istanbul for long hours of traffic. Enjoy this private VIP service!

  • Hotel

You choose the most suitable accommodation for your budget, out of the options we will provide you. Hotels are either close to hospitals or at the tourist spots in the city. We only work with fine and clean hotels.

  • English speaking translators at the hospitals

It is very important that you understand the dentist’s language. Thanks to English speaking dentists and/or staff, we guarantee you a perfect communication. It is also possible to provide this service in other languages.

  • Pre-examination and diagnosis at the clinic

Your teeth are thoroughly examined before the treatment; they are x-rayed and thus problems are diagnosed and then you are informed about treatment methods. Your dentist plans the rest of the treatment process with you.

  • Your treatment at the clinic

Before we decide to work with these clinics, we made several inspections by considering various factors. You may find detailed information on the clinics here

Treatment period depends on the type of treatment and operation as such:

  1. All types of filling treatment  (1 session)
  2. Canal treatment(2 sessions and 5 days)
  3. Removable fake teeth (between 7 and 12 days)
  4. Dental crowns – bridges (between 7 and 10 days)
  5. Whitening (dental cleaning): permanent results in one week including the second session (2 days)
  6. Dental crack fillings for kids (1 session)
  7. Surgical operations:
  • Implants (1 session plus the removal of the sutures 7 or 10 days later )
  • Root operation (1 session plus the removal of the sutures 7 or 10 days later)
  • Wisdom tooth extraction (1 session plus the removal of the sutures 7 or 10 days later)
  • Tooth extraction (1 session)


7 or 10 days later the surgical operation, sutures are removed.
After implantation, treatments such as prosthesis, dental crown, bridging may generally continue after a waiting period of 6 or 8 weeks depending on the situation.

  • City tours (upon request)

Thanks to our services, you will have the opportunity of seeing a world city. We help you with the places you may visit and the things you can do according to your individual travel plan. You will enjoy your new life with beautiful memories. You may find detailed information on the cities here.

  • Transfer from the hotel to the airport

The transfer team ensures that you have a positive journey right until the end.

  • Medicaltravelpass

This service is our unique additional service. MedicalTravelpass includes all personal information and data required for your stay in Turkey and for the healing process. It is always with you as it is in the size of a single passport. This booklet is issued especially for you, before your travel.

Benefit from our reasonable prices

Thanks to its reasonable prices, we offer affordable dental treatments.

  • Why is the treatment more expensive in Europe?

The countries such as Germany or Austria are one of the most expensive countries of the world. This is because the staff is more expensive as well as the high expenses on rents and infrastructure. In addition, advanced and high technology machinery is also too much expensive. And therefore, it is desired to have a large number of patients in order to have a profitable investment.

  • Why are the prices so reasonable in Turkey?

According to an OECD research, you only pay 45 Euro in Turkey for something that worth 100 Euro in Europa.

As a result, the fee of a dentist in Turkey is lower than the payment his European colleague receives. Furthermore, Istanbul is the biggest city of Europa; and this makes it possible not only to purchase treatment equipment for the same price in Europa but also to offer lower costs of surgery.

That’s why, Turkey welcomes thousands of patients from Europe every year and that is the reason why we can offer you reasonable prices for a high quality service.

  • Why is it better to schedule my travel with you when I can also schedule it myself?

Of course, you may plan your trip on your own. Yet, this is usually very exhausting and risky. We take care of everything you may need during a dental treatment abroad; we remain to be your trust-worthy partner not only in the pre-treatment period but in post-treatment period, as well.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.