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Dental Implants

Dental implants are that artificial dental roots placed onto jawbones. Once they are stabilized, they help dental crowns, bridges or prosthesis be anchored.

Implants are consisted of tissue-friendly materials (such as Titanium) that are easily tolerated by the jawbone without causing any sensitivity or irritation. They may be used on the jawbone for 10 years or more.

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Dental Crowns

When severe tooth decay causes a significant loss of dental crown or when the dental crown is damaged due to an incident; then it is usually impossible to save the tooth with a filling. Contrary to filling, dental crown help tooth regain its health and strength by covering some part of tooth; that is oral cavity and the remaining part of the tooth, precisely. It has the visual appearance of a very natural tooth.

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Diastemas (spaces or gaps between two teeth) should be filled in order to restore the complete chewing function as well as to have a pleasant look and to have a sustainable speaking function.

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There are generally two types of them

  • Half palate prosthesis
  • Complete prosthesis

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Aesthetic treatments

  • Laminate Veneers

When the colour and especially the shape of the teeth is not pleasing, then “laminate veneer” is a perfect cosmetic solution. In laminate veneer application, a thin layer of porcelain is adhered to the teeth.

  • Bleaching (Dental whitening): For a bright smile

Tooth colour alters depending on the density of protein covering the individual teeth. The most common case is the dental stain based on age. Consuming coloured drinks such as coffee, tea, coke or smoking, dental traumas, old prosthesis, implants and amalgams are other causes of dental stains. Besides, long term antibiotics use (such as tetracycline) and excessive fluorine consumption also result in dental stains.

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