Advantages of laminate veneer

If your teeth decays, broken teeth or your crooked and abnormal dental structure keeps you away from smiling as you wish, then it is possible to have a natural beautiful look for your teeth. Beforehand, the only solutions for such kind of unpleasing cases were filling and complete implants; however now we have other choices such as laminate veneers.

Whitening for a bright smile (dental whitening)

Tooth colour alters depending on the density of protein covering the individual teeth. The most common case is the dental stain based on age. Consuming coloured drinks such as coffee, tea, coke or smoking, dental traumas, old prosthesis, implants and amalgams are other causes of dental stains. Besides, long term antibiotics use (such as tetracycline) and excessive fluorine consumption also result in dental stains.

To whom is tooth whitening applicable for?

When the colour tone of your teeth goes darker (yellow, grey or brown tones) or when you have stains on your teeth; the applicability of the tooth whitening is determined as a result of examination and diagnosis. Tooth whitening causes no problem in any mouth with oral health and it is the safest way for a whiter and natural smile.

Is it a reliable method?

Yes! Providing that it is performed by a dentist, tooth whitening is actually a very efficient and reliable method according to the researches. Whitening up to 6 hues is possible and it causes no negative side effects on the tooth or the gum. On very rare occasions, tooth might be sensitive to hot/cold food and drinks. That completely disappears thanks to periodic applications or when the treatment is intervened.

How long does whitening take?

Usually, a favourable result is accomplished after the first application; but the optimum result is achieved after 1 or 2 applications.

Is the colour distorted again in time, after whitening period?

The colour of your teeth will never be the same but they look brighter than their former look all the time. Depending on the patient’s dental care, a stronger treatment applied once or twice is sometimes required after a year.


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