Eyebrow transplant



Eyebrow Transplantation

The eyebrow hair has, as the hair of the head, a growth phase and a resting phase. In many cases, it comes through overtaking the eyebrow hairs, skin diseases, such as alopecia, permanent makeup, chemotherapy, etc. to a deformation or a loss of eyebrow hairs. Once the mentioned causes are eliminated, the failed eyebrow hairs grow back normally within one year.

Eyebrow hairs that do not come back can be replaced by a transplant. The eyebrow transplant is like the hair transplant, the transplant of hair follicles, which are removed in the neck area. The hackles are raised. According to the number of transplanted hair roots a 1 cm wide and 5-10 cm long horizontal strip is shaved. Then the roots are taken using a micro motor with very fine Punch. As the sampling area of the hair roots is very small, no traces are left behind in this area. It may be taken as needed 40-50 to 400-500 grafts and transplanted at the proper place. The transplant is performed under local anesthesia. The person feels no pain after treatment. When transplanting the anatomical structure and the growth direction of the eyebrows must be considered.

Eyebrow transplants are performed by qualified physicians and an experienced team, leading to a very natural result. It takes 4-6 months to have recovered his eyebrows and assumed its final shape. After 2 months, the person may be plucking their eyebrows.

The first eyebrows that occur after the transplantation, grow like our hair, because they possess the characteristics of a hair. After about one year, the growth stops because the blood circulation of the eyebrow area has adapted, and the hair to take the property of eyebrow hair.

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