Hospital in Bodrum

Hospital in Bodrum

Your beauty clinic in Bodrum

Built on 22,000 square meter of covered area, the hospital is located in Ortakent (literally “middle town”) and is easily accessible from all around the Bodrum peninsula, including the airport, ports and the marinas. The hospital’s internal spaces reflect the serenity and beauty of Bodrum: high ceilings, abundant use of windows, inpatient rooms with scenic views of the Aegean coastline, internal gardens, tranquil color and material choices and lush landscaping offer patients an environment most supportive of healing.

Bodrum Hospital from outside

Bodrum Hospital from inside

Many firsts are introduced to the region with Acıbadem Bodrum Hospital:
Radiology Department boasts 1.5 MRI, 256-slice computer tomography which can accurately image cardiac vessels in less than 6 seconds, digital mammography, digital x-ray, panoramic x-ray, colored doppler ultrasonographs and digital image archiving and transfer system (PACS) which completely integrates Acıbadem Bodrum Hospital with rest of the Acıbadem institutions. Nuclear Medicine infrastructure includes a gamma camera for cardiac, bone and whole-body sintigraphies and bone densitometry, as well as a PET-CT investment which, when completed will be another first for the region.

Our dedication to quality is ingrained in our daily operations and practices:
Unconditional leadership support and commitment of necessary resources coupled with Acıbadem’s 20-year experience in healthcare has resulted in a robust quality system which includes unwavering conformance to Joint Commission International standards, electronic and integrated medical records, evidence-based medicine through widespread use of clinical pathways and guidelines, periodic monitoring of clinical indicators and continuous staff education and training.

Operation room for your beauty-OP

Patient-centric approach has permeated to all aspects of architecture and design:
Comfort and safety of patients are of utmost importance in Acıbadem Bodrum Hospital’s smart building, which not only monitors all systems and areas electronically 7/24 but also has a layout that minimizes movement of patients throughout the hospital and a heliport for transfer of critical cases.

When your health and beauty is concerned, everything has to be correct. Well organised surgical operations are significant for good and permanent results. Aesthetic surgeries are performed only by experienced aesthetic surgeons.