Hospitals in Antalya

Hospitals In Antalya

Talya Medical Center has the newest equipment and technology in Antalya. At the same time, it is one of the most prestigious private hospitals in Turkey. Besides, Memorial hospital group has been growing and developing every year. This hospital has more than hygienic standards of EU and you are taken care by the expert doctors and surgeons.

It is first medical choice for the high society in Antalya.

The center has very well trained doctors, continuously improving technological and scientific developments, including expert aesthetic surgeons.

The modern beauty clinic in Antalya for your beauty operation

Why should you prefer this hospital in Antalya?

  • Antalya is the capital city of tourism in Turkey.
  • The center has had more than four thousand foreign patients since its establishment.
  • Its aim of keeping a high level of technological infrastructure

  • Costs of treatment here are 3-5 times less than at abroad.
  • Patients benefit from the even better technology, but pay less

  • International acceptance and appreciation of the achievements of the center in the field of health care, as well as Antalya with very well climatic conditions and a high level of tourism infrastructure

Various treatment options of the hospital offers patients a wide range of services. With the great experience presented in this hospital, service quality will meet your expectations.

Your operation will be performed by Dr. E. Üstünsoy, who has a great experience in this field and also worked in Germany as well.

Dr. E. Üstünsoy