In vitro fertilization is a very important decision and it is not only about your own future.

There are several significant elements for you such as sensitivity, meticulousness and success. Our only wish is to give you a better future by ensuring that you are here in good hands!

In modern world, it is more often to see families without kids. We are ready to help you at the best hospitals in Turkey, Acibadem Hospital or Memorial Hospital as we really care about your desire to have a child.

You may find the details in treatment opportunities here.

Why should I benefit from a treatment in Turkey?
Turkey is a centre of in vitro fertilization. Here, there has been great success for more than 17 years.

But Why?
Gynaecological and oncological surgeries are not only performed by highly experienced and well trained doctors but also at the utmost quality. Doctors have studied and also got trained and experienced in USA and Europe. Thus, they improved themselves even more.

In case ICSI, assisted hatching, blastocyst transfer is required, it is free of charge.

It is possible to make transfer up to three embryos. The another reason why many couples avoid in vitro fertilization is the cost. Your costs in Turkey will be much lower than a similar treatment in Germany, Switzerland or Austria.

Why is there a higher pregnancy rate in IVF and ICSI methods?

Now, you must be wondering why there is a higher pregnancy rate in IVF and ICSI in comparison to that of other countries.

There is a law in many countries, allowing only three zygotes to be developed. That allows the development of maximum three embryos. The transfer has to take place on the 2nd or the 3rd day; however, it is not possible to make a blastocyst culture and pre-fertilization diagnosis beforehand as it is not possible to choose the best among several embryos.

According to Turkish law, a blastocyst culture is possible. Therefore, it is possible to increase pregnancy rate up to 2nd factor and the fertility rate up to 50% per blastocyst only in 1 or 2 blastocysts. Thanks to the embryo selection process, it is possible to have higher pregnancy rates and lower miscarriage rates. Not only the possibility of being pregnant but also the possibility of successful pregnancy increase.

Although genetically “malice disease carrier” can be detected via a pre-fertilization diagnosis – such as PID-; there are couples who had handicapped children. We can help you have a healthy child via a pre-fertilization diagnosis (PID). This application is forbidden in many European countries.

Average pregnancy rates at hospitals we work with:

For women younger than 37 = a pregnancy rate of 69%

For women between 38- 41 = a pregnancy rate of 36%

For women older than 42 = a pregnancy rate of 18%

Important notification:

According to Turkish law, in vitro fertilization treatments are only allowed for married couples. It is also forbidden to determine the sex.

First MedicalTravel babies:

Meral, Mehan and their mother are all very healthy.

MedicalTravel team visited the happy couple at the hospital. 
Words were not enough to describe that moment of happiness!

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