We offer very attractive prices for in vitro fertilization treatment in Istanbul and Antalya:

The cost of an IVF or ICSI treatment is about 2750 Euro in Istanbul, 2900 Euro in Antalya. There are also additional costs for medicines about 500 Euro or 1200 Euro.

Depending on your personal needs, you may need additional treatment in order to increase your chance of getting pregnant; or you may not. In these hospitals, additional methods are also available as below:

Criopreservation: about 500 Euro (preserving embryos for possible future trials)

MESA, TESE: about 550 Euro (for a better sperm production, MESA is usually preferred, or TESE or Micro TESE is preferred; they are not requested at the same time)

IMSI: about 250 Euro (for a better selection of sperms, sperms might be examined by magnifying 6 thousand times)

PGD**: about 750 Euro (checking diseases in embryos, this is not allowed in Switzerland)

Spermiogramm: about 100 Euro (sperm analysis)

Frozen transfer: 500 Euro

Assisted hatching: Free of charge (to support the hatching process)

Blastocyst transfer: Keeping the embryo for longer period of time up to 5 days (this is not allowed in Switzerland)

  • Prices are in Euro currency. There might be differences depending on the material and method applied. The right to make changes in the prices is preserved.
  • Please note that all of the treatments above are not applied at the same time.
  • In case the result is not a success at the first trial, then then we offer 10% discount for the second, and 20% discount for the third trial.
  • Valid for 6 cells.

Prices include following services

  • Consultancy service
  • Pre-examinations, treatments, medical checks, staying at the hospital for a night in case needed
  • All transfers from airport to hotel, hotel to hospital vice versa
  • City map with descriptions in English language
  • Medicaltravelpass
  • Psychological support
  • Translation service in English


In order to plan your treatment before your trip, please use the contact form to contact us and describe your treatment request as clear as possible. A good planning is always a good start!


You pay for the expenses of your treatment at the hospital. Advance payment is not requested. It is possible to pay via a credit card or a bank transfer in Euro currency.

Flight prices

Flight prices depend on the airline companies and the dates of your travel. They are between 200 and 500 CHF. We will be glad to help you find a proper flight.

Hotel prices

Depending on the hotel, it is between 55 and 120 Euro per night. If you would like to start taking your medicine in Turkey, then you need to stay for about 21 days in Turkey. Please take the medicines once you discuss it with your doctor and under their coordination. You stay in Istanbul or Antalya for a shorter period of time if you start taking your medicine in your country.

  • 3 star Levent Istanbul Hotel room plus breakfast: 55 Euro per night
  • 4 star Taksim park City Hotel room plus breakfast: 85 Euro per night
  • 4 star Taksim Gonen Hotel room plus breakfast: 125 Euro per night
  • 4 star Elite Hotel room plus breakfast: 150 Euro per night
  • There are a large number of hotel options in Antalya.

Any questions? Please do not hesitate to contact us.