Headaches, cerebral embolisms or paralysis after hemorrhages, movement disorders like Parkinson’s disease, dementia that comes with amnesia and diseases like Alzheimer’s disease, Epilepsy and other fainting, Vertigo, and Polyneuropathy that arises mainly from diabetes are the issues addressed at the neurology clinic.

At our clinic, integrated trombolysis treatment is applied to emergency patients that check in with embolism in the first three hours, from the ambulance staff right up to the staff of the intensive care unit. The 24-hour support of the radiology and neurosurgery team and the experienced staff at the intensive care unit at our hospital enables the said treatment method to be executed, as we have the necessary organization to do so. We are able to carry out diagnosis and monitoring on cerebral vascular diseases thanks to the Transcranial Doppler Ultrasonography available at our clinic .

We are able to recognize epilepsy and other fainting thanks to the EEG device in our clinic. As well as drugs, surgical treatment is carried out on patients with epilepsy. Preliminary preparation is extremely important in surgical treatment for epilepsy. We are able to identify candidate epilepsy candidates, diagnose, and treat patients that already have epilepsy with Video-EEG monitoring.

Headaches form the majority of our polyclinic. Our clinic works in collaboration with departments relating to diagnosing and treating headaches.

The sleep laboratory at our clinic researches, diagnoses, and treats sleep disorders that arise from daytime drowsiness, low energy, waking up tired, hypertension that does not respond to medication, various vascular diseases, and unsuccessful weight loss .