Nose Correction



Rhinoplasty / nose remodelling in Istanbul, Antalya, Izmir, Bodrum

Nose has a significant role in personal communication as it is the central organ on the face.

Therefore, abnormalities in shape and size might be visible to a great extent and becomes a great problem for the person.

In rhinoplasty, remodelling is possible without visible scars and this will make you feel more confident. The reason might be small but the effect is huge!

Reasons for treatment

Deformation due to natural reasons or an accident as well as correction of roman or big noses.


Nowadays, modern aesthetic plastic surgery has the ability to remodel the nose in a positive way.

Natural results on nose correction in Turkey

After the age of 15, nose does not significantly change and it completes its development. The size, shape, height, width of the nose might be corrected as well as problematic breathing problems.

Nasal tip can be remodelled by making the nasal wings smaller. Usually, there are no scars related to the surgery operated inside the nose.



In nasal surgeries, it is very significant to have carefully planned surgical correction procedures as well as to provide information on the limits of possibilities. During our consultancy, we must prepare a plan together solely considering your requests.


Nasal surgeries are generally performed under complete anaesthesia. Minor corrections on the nasal tip and on cartilages require local anaesthesia and thus are outpatient treatments which might be applied without staying at the hospital.

Inpatient treatment period

It is wisely recommended to stay at the hospital for 1 or 2 days. After the operation, you need to keep your head up for 2 days in order to prevent intense swelling. In order to reinforce the nose, a plaster support is applied for 10 days.


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